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They say you should "never meet your heroes."
So we decided to do just that.

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"You Should Never..."

They say you should "never meet your heroes." Well, that's exactly what we decided to do. We sought passionate car people with great stories and we set out to tell those stories with help from wonderful museums, great collectors, amazing friends, and generous motorsports facilities. We get to meet amazing people and watch them have amazing experiences centered around significant cars and motorcycles. 

About Us

The Meet Your Heroes video series is produced by Pas Cher Productions. We are a small team of passionate cinematographers, artists, and enthusiasts. In the fall of 2019, we kicked off our first season of five episodes with releases planned to start in January 2021.

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Season 1 - Five Episodes - Now Available. Our latest:

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Season 1

Our first season. We started in fall of 2019 and finished editing in January 2021.

Season 2

Three episodes are already tentatively planned. We can fit two more. Shooting to being in spring 2021.

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