Pass It On - Jeff Archambeault
Season 2, Episode 1

In this episode:

Meet Jeff Archambeault, founder and head of Race Cars For A Cause - a non-profit that provides the unique opportunity for veterans and their families to enjoy race cars and a racing experience. Jeff has personal reasons for deciding on this unique way to give back to those who have risked their lives for their country, but we wanted to know why he has a passion for cars and racing - so we asked him to share his story with us. Jeff's father, Jamie, played a big role in shaping Jeff's passions, as did Jamie's father before him.

With the gracious assistance of Hagerty Insurance, local car club members, and the owners of a clam shack near the beach, we were able to locate the same model of car that Jamie used to teach Jeff to drive at Scusset Beach in Bourne, Massachusetts - a Ford Mainline. Jeff has moved on to a BMW M3 and his charity was given a 2001 Diazio D962 race car for use with veterans by Alan Wilzig and the great people at the Wilzig Race Manor in New York.

Many thanks to Jeff for the care and work he puts into creating special days for veterans. And thanks to all those who support Race Cars For A Cause. You can learn more at


  • Jeff Archambeault
  • Race Cars For A Cause
  • 2006 BMW M3
  • 2001 Diazio D962 Race Car

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