Comfort Zone - with Audra Tella and her BMW M2
Season 2, Episode 3

In this episode:

Audra Tella isn’t your average car enthusiast. She didn’t grow up in a “car family.” But she caught the bug upon seeing the re-released Mini from the BMW Group in the early 2000’s.

Starting with her deep love for her 2005 Mini, Audra has gone on to now lead the BMW Autocross club for the Northeast. She hosts a podcast called Shifting Points with two of her close friends where they discuss cars and racing from a woman’s perspective. If that weren’t enough, she stared doing track days again in her BMW M2 and she even competed in a wheel-to-wheel 24 Hours of Lemons endurance race!

How did Audra progress from not being a car person to being someone on the leading edge of the sport? Watch and find out. And watch Audra get to experience her dream car - a light, small classic Mini.

Audra Tella and her BMW M2

Guest Stars:
Khaldoun Atassi and his 1971 Morris Mini

David Baker and his 1989 backdated Cooper S cafe racer


  • Audra Tella
  • BMW M2
  • Khaldoun Atassi
  • 1971 Morris Mini
  • David Baker
  • 1989 back-dated Cooper S cafe racer

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