Miss Scarlet - Natalie Harrington - Acura NSX - BMW 507
Season 2, Episode 4

In this episode:

Natalie Harrington is a new, unique voice of automotive journalism and a Trustee of the Larz Anderson Museum in Brookline MA. She came from a "car family" and loved her grandfather's truck as a small child. But she didn't enjoy reading about cars, nor being a "gear head" or a "speed demon." She wanted to hear from writers more like her - so she became one.

Part of Natalie's unique style of automotive enthusiasm is what she likes about cars - groundbreaking, beautiful, and those that change the game. Chasing cars like this led us to Steven Howitt and his Acura NSX, a game-changing Japanese supercar. He was kind enough to let Natalie experience his NSX first-hand. Our quest finally led us to her penultimate dream car - the ultra rare BMW 507. It took us a year to find Tom Pesikey, the owner of 70101 - "Miss Scarlet." And now we understand why it's Natalie's favorite. It certainly led us on a "merry chase"!


  • Natalie Harrington
  • Winton Bullet
  • Steven Howitt
  • Acura NSX
  • Tom Pesikey
  • BMW 507

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